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The 2023 Europa League final: Jose Mourinho is Roma’s Messiah, but is it the ‘Special One’s’ last game?

They hired significant free agents like Dybala, Nemanja Matic, and Georginio Wijnaldum, drawn by lucrative salaries, and spent about 100 million euros on players.

In 2028, they plan to begin construction on a brand-new stadium owned by the club. The hiring of Mourinho two summers ago after being convinced to sign an £8 million contract is all a part of the plan.

The club’s records will be scrutinized until 2027, but it has already paid a 5 million euro punishment to Uefa for breaking the Financial Fair Play rules.

The match versus Sevilla is the most significant in recent Roma history, according to Pinto.

Is this the end for Mourinho?
The events on Wednesday will significantly influence Mourinho’s future course.

Is my future? I’m solely paying attention to the exam. But no matter what, I will always have a close relationship with Roma and their supporters, he remarked.

Many people in the city must be terrified by these words. After earning a pointless booking against Fiorentina the previous weekend, he will miss the final Serie A match against Spezia, thus fans may not see him at the Stadio Olimpico again.

Has he picked the Puskas Arena as a platform to bid everyone farewell knowing his penchant for drama?

In 2010, this occurred at the Santiago Bernabeu immediately following Inter’s victory over Bayern Munich in the Champions League final. Mourinho joined Real Madrid right away rather than going back to Italy.

Despite having a contract that runs until 2024, Mourinho is fully aware that “contracts have a peculiar validity in football” and that Roma would release him if Paris Saint-Germain or Real Madrid knocked on their door.

Budapest is the current priority, after which he will hold talks. He will want the club to commit to fielding a strong team for prospective Champions League play, and club officials will want him to stop disparaging Roma.

In a recent statement, he added that winning the Champions League with this team “would not only have been a miracle, it would have been like Jesus taking a stroll through the Vatican.”

Is a compromise possible? Although it’s challenging to state, it’s the only way to create a shared future. Otherwise, the shaman of the Roma will leave them.


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