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The casualty line has been crossed. Ofcom guidelines for swear word subtitles

A complaint was received by the watchdog regarding foul language in the subtitles of a repeat episode of the medical drama telecast on the Drama channel.

At 10.30 a.m. on June 12, a word that people regard to be among the most unpleasant was presented twice.

UKTV, which owns the Drama license, apologized for the incident.

The corporation claimed that the show’s subtitling is outsourced to Red Bee Media, and the subtitler who had broken protocol had been “disciplined and withdrawn from subtitling duties until they have gone through a thorough retraining process with their line manager.”

It went on to say that it was the “first issue of this nature that UKTV has encountered.”

It also stated that both UKTV and Red Bee have taken measures and implemented additional systems and training to prevent this from happening again.

Ofcom stated that, while it considered this information, there were no mitigating considerations, such as an on-air apology.

The broadcast was found to be in violation of rule 1.14 of the code, which prohibits abusive language before the watershed, which is 21:00.

Drama is a television station that specializes in repetitions of British television drama shows such as Casualty, which generally airs on BBC One.


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