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The PlayStation studio has been ‘angered’ by a ransomware hack.

The latest “criminal cyberattack” has “saddened and angered” PlayStation studio Insomniac.

A hacking group disclosed sensitive stolen information including employee data, company communications, and early plans of a future Wolverine game.

The studio praised fans for their “overwhelming” support in a statement.

Insomniac stated that it waited several days to issue a statement in order for its team to “support each other” following the “emotional toll” of the breach.

It stated that while it was assessing the degree of the damage, the upcoming PS5 exclusive Wolverine “continues as planned.”

“The game is in production and will no doubt evolve throughout development, as do all our plans,” according to the statement.

“We will share official information about Marvel’s Wolverine when the time is right.”

Spider-Man 2 action shot depicts the superhero flying through the air and kicking an opponent to the ground. Spider-Man has articulated spider legs sprouting from his back, while the antagonist, dressed in a light brown jacket with dark brown arms, falls to the ground with his arms raised above his head.
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Insomniac is responsible for successful PlayStation exclusives such as Spider-Man 2. Other game creators, journalists, and fans have decried the cyberattack and urged others not to distribute or republish any of the content.

Rhysida, a ransomware organization, has claimed responsibility, and it also claimed credit for a similar attack on the British Library last month.

Malicious software is used to infiltrate a company’s computer network and lock its files, demanding payment to unlock them.

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