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The unionized Apple Store in the United States has proposed accepting tips.

Consider this: You’ve smashed the screen of your iPhone for the second time and gone to the nearest Apple Store to have it repaired.

Apple’s Genius Bar personnel returns your phone within hours – with a steep price. However, as you proceed to make the payment, you’ll notice a new option on the check-out menu: Would you like to make a suggestion?

It’s an uncommon request, but it could become a reality soon.

Employees at the first-ever unionised Apple Store in the United States are seeking to allow customers to tip for service.

The suggestion, first reported by Bloomberg earlier this week, has spurred discussion over tipping culture in the United States and so-called “tipping fatigue.”

The union conceded the concept could be “a little controversial” in a series of tweets.

“Apple employees everywhere can tell you that they are already being offered tips by customers,” according to the union that represents the store in suburban Baltimore.

Currently, if an Apple employee receives a gratuity, he or she may be dismissed. According to the Union, the new proposal would establish a system that would allow “occasional” clients to thank the team without danger of being fired.


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