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Tony Danker, the CEO of the CBI, has been fired due to allegations of misconduct.

The CEO of one of the UK’s largest business groups has been fired following complaints about his workplace behavior.

Tony Danker will leave the CBI after an investigation into his behavior toward a female employee.

Three other CBI employees were also suspended “pending further investigation into a number of ongoing allegations,” according to the organization.

The group is also “liaising with the police” and has stated that it will “fully cooperate with any police investigations.”

Mr Danker resigned in March after the CBI hired the law firm Fox Williams to look into several complaints against him.

He has been fired with immediate effect and will not receive a redundancy package.

On Tuesday, Mr Danker tweeted: “I am aware of the negative publicity the CBI has received as a result of the revelations of terrible events that occurred prior to my tenure. I was shocked to discover them for the first time last week.

“Nonetheless, I was surprised to learn this morning that I had been fired from the CBI rather than being invited to present my case, as had been previously confirmed. Many of the allegations leveled against me have been distorted, but I recognize that I unintentionally made a number of colleagues uncomfortable, and I sincerely apologize. I want to wish my former CBI colleagues the best of luck.”

For the time being, the investigation’s findings are not public.

After new claims, a business group postpones events.
Following allegations of misconduct, the CEO of a business group steps down.
Separate sexual misconduct claims against CBI employees were reported last week in the Guardian newspaper, including an allegation of rape at a summer boat party in 2019.

Many of the most serious allegations were made before Mr Danker became director-general.


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