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AC Milan honors ‘unforgettable’ owner Silvio Berlusconi, who passed away at 86, with a memorial.

Following the passing of “unforgettable” former owner Silvio Berlusconi on Monday at the age of 86, AC Milan has paid tribute to him.

In 1986, Berlusconi acquired the failing team from his hometown and converted it into one of the most prosperous teams in football.

Milan won five European Cups and eight Italian league championships during his management.

For 740 million euros (£628 million), he sold the club to Chinese investors in 2017.

The following statement was sent on Twitter by Milan: “Deeply saddened, AC Milan grieves the passing of the unforgettable Silvio Berlusconi and wishes to reach out to the family, associates, and most cherished friends to share our sympathies.”

Allies claim that Berlusconi’s passing leaves a “huge void.”
Response of football to Berlusconi’s passing
Berlusconi, a four-time Italian president and comeback king
Less than 18 months later, the former Italian prime minister returned to football when his holding firm, Fininvest, purchased all of the shares of third-division team Monza in 2018.

For the first time in their 110-year history, Berlusconi and former Milan chief executive Adriano Galliani led the team to Serie A.

Forever with us, said a statement from Monza. Adriano Galliani laments Silvio Berlusconi’s passing together with the rest of AC Monza.

“With us always, a void that can never be filled. I appreciate everything, Mr. President.

During his playing career, Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti assisted Milan in winning their first league championship of the Berlusconi era in 1988. He later returned to lead the team from 2001 to 2009.

The Italian was criticized by Berlusconi in his early seasons for his allegedly defensive tactics, yet he would go on to win the Serie A championship with an Italian record 82 points from 34 games, the Coppa Italia, and the Champions League twice.

“Today’s sadness doesn’t erase the happy moments spent together,” Ancelotti wrote on Twitter.

“I will always be grateful to the President, but more so to a humorous, devoted, wise, and true guy who was crucial to my success both as a player and a coach. Greetings, Mr. President.

Inter, a city rival of AC Milan, issued a statement in which they stated: “He has left an indelible stamp on the history of our nation. The rivalry between Inter and his Milan has turned Milan become the center of world soccer.

Berlusconi was a controversial character who frequently complained of victimization, especially by Milanese prosecutors. He once asserted to have appeared in court for 2,500 times in 106 cases during a 20-year period.

Over the years, accusations have been made for embezzlement, tax fraud, false accounting, and an attempt to influence a judge. On multiple occasions, he was exonerated or had his convictions reversed.


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