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According to one allegation, Russell Brand’s behavior was well known.

The woman, known only as Alice, went on to say that the claims against him had been “a long time coming.”

Between 2006 and 2013, the comedian and actor was accused of rape and sexual abuse, which he denies.

She called his denial “laughable” and “insulting” for the first time since the allegations were made public.

“It feels quite honestly surreal at the moment to see my story everywhere, and even elements of my story on the front pages of publications that I hadn’t spoken to,” Alice told BBC Radio Four Woman’s Hour host Emma Barnett.

“And it feels like it’s been a long time coming.”

“But it also felt like something that would never come true for me, so I can’t say I’m relieved because it’s been a painful experience.” But I hope we can have dialogues that will lead to people being protected in the future.”

Russell Brand’s tumultuous career: From Hollywood star to YouTube guru Brand has rejected all allegations of impropriety, claiming he is the victim of “a coordinated attack” including “very serious allegations that I absolutely refute.” The former TV and radio host, who now makes videos about spirituality and politics on YouTube, claims his relationships have always been “consensual.”



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