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Actors appearing in video games, such as Phantom Liberty, is a “sign of the times,” according to Idris Elba.

The latest spy-thriller adventure extension for Cyberpunk 2077 is called Phantom Liberty, and Elba stars as Solomon Reed in the expansion.

When asked if he views acting in video games becoming a rising medium of work for actors, Elba describes the phenomenon as “a sign of the times.”

“Actors and video games have always worked well together, but in recent years, more well-known actors from film have transitioned into the gaming industry.”

Kit Harington, Rami Malek, and even comedian Conan O’Brien are just a few examples of the A-list actors and celebrities that have taken on character roles in video games over the past several years. These roles can involve either the actor providing their voice or their appearance.

Elba has been quoted as saying, “Every game now that has a big engine also has these big film-like cut scenes that are equally as entertaining.” You are free to ignore them, but in most cases you end up having to sit there and watch because the previous round caused your fingers to hurt.

According to him, the process of performing a role in a video game is identical to the process of performing a role in a traditional play: “Character work is character work, and performance is performance.” You are using the same muscles regardless of whether you are playing video games, acting in advertisements, or performing any other activity.

“When it comes to games, there is a distinct difference in the level of collaboration that is required on your part. This is due to the fact that you are dependent on an animator as well as a larger team.”


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