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After playing in Russia, Dynamo Kyiv says Fenerbahce is a team with “no honor.”

Dynamo Kyiv of Ukraine said that Fenerbahce has “no honor, no shame, and no conscience” because it is playing in a game in Russia.

On Sunday, the Turkish team will play at the Zenit St. Petersburg Gazprom Arena.

Uefa fined Fenerbahce last year after fans shouted the name of Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, during a Champions League game against Dynamo.

“You go on tour to make money and play along with the attacker. “This step makes no sense,” said Dynamo.

“When the fans shouted the name of the killer country and wore masks of Europe’s biggest sadist to the game against Dynamo, your team kept quiet. Now we know why.”

In a strong statement, Dynamo said that “the entire civilized world has united against aggression and massacres,” and it called the club’s “trip to the killer without morals and human qualities” “shameful behavior.”

In the Pari Premier Cup, which starts on Sunday, Fenerbahce will play Zenit St. Petersburg, Red Star Belgrade, and Neftci of Azerbaijan.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, its teams have been banned from playing in Fifa and Uefa tournaments.

“We have no fear of telling the whole world that you are helping the murderers continue their bloody harvest on Ukrainian soil,” the Dynamo statement said.

“If you go along with them, you give the main bad thing of the 21st century a good name.”

After fans chanted Putin’s name during last July’s home leg of their Champions League qualifying loss to Dynamo, Uefa fined Fenerbahce 50,000 euros (£42,000) and gave the Turkish Super League runners-up a one-game partial stadium closure (at least 5,000 seats) for their next European game, which was put on hold for two years.

After their team gave up a goal to Dynamo in the 2-1 loss in Istanbul, thousands of Fenerbahce fans joined in the chant.

Fenerbahce hasn’t responded to Dynamo’s statement yet, but at the time they said that the fans’ actions didn’t reflect the club or its “corporate stance” in any way and that “sports and politics should always be kept separate.”


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