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AI: China’s Alibaba will launch a ChatGPT competitor.

Alibaba, the Chinese technology giant, has announced plans to launch its own ChatGPT-style artificial intelligence (AI) product called Tongyi Qianwen.

Its cloud computing unit says it will integrate the chatbot across all of Alibaba’s businesses in the “near future,” but no timetable was provided.

In recent months, technology companies all over the world have debuted their own “generative AI chatbots.”

Alibaba revealed earlier this year that it was developing a competitor to ChatGPT.

Tongyi Qianwen translates roughly as “seeking an answer by asking a thousand questions,” though Alibaba has not provided an English translation.

“We are at a technological tipping point driven by generative AI and cloud computing,” Alibaba’s chairman and CEO Daniel Zhang said at the launch of Tongyi Qianwen.


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