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Aleksander Ceferin, the head of Uefa, said that the Champions League final in Istanbul was not “perfect” for fans.

Aleksander Ceferin, the head of Uefa, said that “not everything was perfect” for fans after they said bad things about the Champions League final in Istanbul.

At the Manchester City vs. Inter Milan game on June 10, there were reports that fans had to walk long distances on busy roads, wait for hours to get to and from the stadium, and were left without water.

Uefa had already said sorry when Liverpool fans were surrounded and gassed with tear gas before the final in Paris last year.

The governing body of European football had never talked about the problems fans had in Istanbul before.

But at the start of the four-day European Football Fans Congress in Manchester, Ceferin admitted that problems had come up in Turkey that needed to be fixed.

“Given what some of you have been through lately, I would understand if I didn’t get a warm welcome tonight,” he said.

“We are well aware that not everything was great in Istanbul. I am not in any way minimizing the problems that some people have.

“But let’s keep working together to make the things we can make better.

“I’m thinking about how to get to and from the stadium, where fans can stay, and how everyone can get water and use the bathroom.”


Football Supporters Europe is asking fans in Istanbul for their stories so they can put together a report for Uefa.

Ceferin said that Uefa’s other big finals, for both men and women, had gone off without any major problems.

Fans will have a “unique experience” at the big games in 2024, when the Champions League final will be at Wembley and the European Championships will be in Germany, he said.

Ceferin says sorry for Paris’ mistakes
Ceferin used his opening speech at the National Football Museum to thank fans for protesting against the planned European Super League in 2022. He said, “You were the captain and led the team in the match of our lives.”

But the chaos in Paris and the first efforts by Uefa and the French government to blame fans for what happened outside the Stade de France are still fresh in people’s minds.

Uefa’s own review found that the governing body of European football had “primary responsibility” and that it was “remarkable” that no one had died.

The review also said that it was “reprehensible” to try to blame people who didn’t have tickets.

Ceferin said, “I’m sorry. That’s why I’m here.” “We wish we could forget about the things that happened last year.

“Everyone was happy with our choice last year to move the final from St. Petersburg to Paris, and we all know what happened in the end.

“Most of the time, good intentions aren’t enough. We know that, and we’re sorry about it.”


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