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Alexia Putellas: Spain star says women need institutions to demonstrate ‘confidence and leadership’

Putellas made her remarks after Luis Rubiales resigned as head of the Spanish Football Federation after kissing Jenni Hermoso on the lips.

Rubiales is scheduled to appear in court on Friday to answer allegations of sexual assault and coercion in connection with the kiss.

“We are passionate about our job as soccer players,” Putellas remarked.

“We are here to stay, to help those who will come, because there is still a long way to go.”

Luis Rubiales will appear in court regarding a kiss with Jenni Hermoso.
Rubiales resigns as president of the Spanish Football Association over a kiss with Jenni Hermoso.
The kiss that shocked Spanish and international football
Putellas was speaking at a ceremony where she and her Barcelona teammates won the Catalan government’s Medal of Honour for services to women’s football.

She was also a member of the Spain team that defeated England in the World Cup final on August 20.

Their success, however, was overshadowed by the controversy that erupted during the presenting ceremony.

Hermoso, 33, said Rubiales’ kiss was not consensual and filed a judicial complaint over it.

Rubiales, who claimed the kiss was “mutual” and “consensual,” resigned as president of the Spanish FA (RFEF) on September 10 due to the incident, and he also resigned as vice-president of Uefa’s executive committee.

Two-time “These days we have seen it with the serious situation that we are experiencing with the RFEF and the changes that we are requesting so that no woman, both inside and outside of football, never again has to experience situations such as lack of respect or abuse,” said Ballon d’Or winner Putellas.

“We need institutional consensus, courage, and leadership, please, and that is why we will not stop here; we will join those who have fought before us.”


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