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Apple will upgrade the iPhone 12 in France due to radiation concerns.

According to Jean-Noel Barrot, Apple will provide a software update for users in the country in the coming days.

In France, sales of the iPhone 12 were banned when a regulator detected excessive electromagnetic radiation. Apple was instructed to resolve the problem.

The company stated that the new version would only apply to users in France, where a special testing methodology was in place.

The radiation findings, according to the American tech titan, were the product of that testing routine and were “not a safety concern.”

The anticipated update casts doubt on Apple’s ambitions for the iPhone 12, which was released just three years ago.

Mr. Barrot stated that the radio frequency regulator (ANFR) would test the new update to ensure compliance before reintroducing the iPhone 12 into the country.

The World Health Organization has already attempted to ease concerns about mobile phone radiation.

According to its website, there is no evidence to establish that low-level electromagnetic field exposure is detrimental to humans.

Apple claimed in a statement to the AFP news agency that the radiation discovery in France was “related to a specific testing protocol used by French regulators and not a safety concern.”

It stated that the iPhone 12 met global emissions standards, but that it will “issue a software update for users in France to accommodate the protocol used by French regulators.”

The ANFR earlier informed Apple that if the issue could not be resolved by a software update, it would be forced to recall every iPhone 12 sold in the nation.

The regulator discovered that the iPhone 12’s Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) was higher than what was legally permitted in France.

The iPhone 12 smartphone was initially released in September 2020 and is still available globally.

France suspends iPhone 12 sales due to radiation levels.


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