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The UK government has allocated £500 million to Tata Steel’s Port Talbot steelworks.

Tata Steel would contribute £700 million of its own funds to the effort to reduce emissions. It has requested ministers to provide a larger portion of the expense.

However, the deal is expected to result in up to 3,000 job losses at Port Talbot.

The site in south Wales is home to the largest steelworks in the United Kingdom.

Two blast furnaces operate around the clock to create steel used in everything from tin cans to submarines.

However, the location is also one of the most polluting in the UK.

The government of the United Kingdom has decided to support the installation of new electric arc furnaces for steelmaking.

Tata Steel is likely to announce that the £1.25 billion furnaces will be operational within three years of receiving regulatory and planning permits.

The business is anticipated to warn of a “transition period including potentially deep restructuring” at the site.

Unions have previously stated that the transition to newer, less labor-intensive furnaces could result in the loss of thousands of jobs.

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