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Arsenal forward Bukayo Saka signs a new deal till 2027.

Buyako Saka has extended his contract with Arsenal through 2027 and stated that the team “is the right place to make the next step.”

This season, the English attacker has 14 goals and 11 assists for the Gunners.

He has just been with the club for 21 months, yet he has already made 178 appearances and has played in each of Arsenal’s Premier League games the past two seasons.

“I’m just really happy,” Saka added.

It’s been a long and there has been a lot of talking, but I’m finally here. I believe that joining this group and moving further here is the appropriate decision. Look at this gorgeous club; this is where we are.

“For me, it’s about realizing my personal goals – how hard I work and how much I ask of myself each game, week in and week out. My family, my teammates, and the coaching staff are all the right individuals for me to be around when I’m at practice.

“I really believe that we can accomplish great things, and I think I have everything I need to become the best player I can be,” said the athlete. “That’s why I’m happy to stay here and be here for the future.”

Listen: Mikel Saka’s previous contract with Arteta was set to expire at the conclusion of the 2023–24 campaign.

After falling short to Manchester City for the Premier League championship, second-placed Arsenal will visit Wolves in their final game of the year on Sunday.


The Gunners will return to Champions League competition in the upcoming season following a six-year sabbatical.

“There have been many changes. I’ve watched this team and the club develop, and I can say that everyone in the area can be happy for us because we are moving in the correct route,” Saka continued.

We have time on our side. If you look at our team, you’ll notice that many of the players are young. We want to accomplish great things because we are ambitious and many of us at Arsenal haven’t won any titles. You can tell we all want to win here if you listen to the way we speak.

It’s fantastic for the club that Bukayo has extended his contract, according to manager Mikel Arteta. The key to our continuous development is keeping our top young talents, and Bukayo is a crucial member of our team both now and in the future.


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