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Aston Martin could extend Fernando Alonso’s deal for the F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

He is 42 years old and from Spain. This year, he has won eight podiums for Aston Martin.

Mike Krack, the team’s boss, said at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that he was “surprised to be asked the question” because Alonso had such a great year.

He also said that Alonso’s age didn’t bother him. The two-time world winner will be 43 years old next July.

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He said that he hasn’t chosen yet if he will keep racing in F1 after the end of the current season.

He said at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Thursday that his 2023 season was the best of his career after 2012. That year, he was with Ferrari and drove the fourth-fastest car on the grid all the way to the final race, where it lost the world championship.


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