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Nissan will spearhead a £2 billion investment in a UK electric car manufacturing.

The Japanese company will manufacture electric Qashqai and Juke models at the plant, in addition to the next generation of the electric Leaf, which is now manufactured there. The plan might directly help 6,000 people and many more across the UK keep their employment.

Along with this, Nissan stated that a massive new battery plant known as a “gigafactory” will be required.

This is in addition to the existing factory close to the auto plant and a second gigafactory already under construction by its partner, AESC.

Nissan plans to invest £1.12 billion in preparing its UK facilities and supply chain for the new models, as well as in educating its personnel.

According to the corporation, the total new investment, including the gigafactory, will be up to £2 billion.

AESC’s chairman, Lei Zhang, announced that the company had begun a feasibility study to extend its gigafactory activities in Sunderland. The plan is expected to obtain government assistance, though it is unclear in what form. Nissan has confirmed that it will get £15 million in support for its Bedfordshire research center.

The Unite union said the plan “secures the long-term future of the site and the thousands of skilled, well-paying jobs it supports,” but it urged for further government assistance for the auto industry.

Nissan’s chief operating officer, Ashwani Gupta, who has since left the company, stated earlier this year that the UK would struggle to remain competitive with other car-making countries due to increasing production costs raised by energy bills and inflation.

Nissan’s senior vice president of manufacturing and supply chain, Alan Johnson, told BBC Today that the UK “can be a competitive place for car production, but everything has to be right.”


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