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At the age of 79, Robert De Niro has his seventh child.

Robert De Niro, the 79-year-old Hollywood icon, has revealed that he has become a father for the seventh time.

He revealed the news in an interview with ET Canada about his upcoming project, appropriately named About My Father.

When asked if he was a father of six, the Oscar-winning American actor said, “Seven, actually… I just had a baby.”

De Niro, who has six other children from three prior partnerships, did not reveal the identity of his seventh child’s mother.

The Oscar winner had two nominations for his roles in The Godfather, Part II and Raging Bull.

In the new film, he co-stars with Sebastian Maniscalco as a man who brings his slightly uncomfortable father on vacation with his fiancée and her wealthy, quirky family.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been a cool father,” De Niro replied when asked about his personal fatherhood experiences. “I’m OK. My children argue with me on occasion, but they are always courteous.

“My daughter is 11 years old, and she causes me grief at times. I argue with her and adore her.”

“With my youngest now, there will be more to come,” he added, “but that’s, you know – that’s what it is.”

The actor, who has been married twice and is a grandfather, went on to remark that he occasionally had to be “stern about stuff” with his children, although he’d rather not be.

“There’s no getting around it with kids.” I dislike having to enforce rules and regulations. But you don’t have a choice,” he explained.

“I believe any parent would say the same thing.” You always want to do the right thing for the kids and give them the benefit of the doubt, but you can’t always.”

Recent rumours have linked him to Tiffany Chen, a martial arts instructor, according to the US daily People, but neither has openly addressed their relationship.


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