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Beth Potter and Alex Yee win silver and bronze at the World Triathlon Championships.

Beth Potter of the United Kingdom got silver and Alex Yee of Australia took bronze at the World Triathlon Championship Super Sprint in Hamburg.

Potter, 31, finished 10 seconds behind Cassandre Beaugrand of France, who won in 21 minutes and 35 seconds.

Hayden Wilde of New Zealand won the men’s event in 19 minutes and 26 seconds, finishing two seconds ahead of Vasco Vilca of Portugal and Yee, 25.

A 300m swim, 7.5km cycle ride, and 1.75km run comprise the Super Sprint format.

Potter finished sixth in the previous race in Cagliari after winning the series opener in Abu Dhabi.

“I woke up feeling a little ill today, and I’m proud of how I stuck it out and got through the rounds,” Potter explained. “Today I was back where I belong.”

Potter earned gold at the 2019 European Championships and the 2022 Arena Games Triathlon Series after winning bronze at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Wilde’s victory over Yee is yet another chapter in their rivalry, with the two frequently competing for the top spot on the podium.

Yee beat Wilde in the previous race in Italy and won gold ahead of him last year at the Commonwealth Games. Yee got silver in the 2022 Tokyo Olympics, while Wilde took bronze.

Yee came into the race in Hamburg having won the first race in the 2023 series in the United Arab Emirates as well as finishing first in Cagliari, and both he and Wilde were on the leaders’ shoulders after the swimming segment in Germany this time.

They had made their way to the front of the pack by the third lap of cycling when Wilde took the lead with a clean transition to the run.


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