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Broadcasters allowed Buckingham Palace to control Coronation coverage, according to an ex-Sky News executive.

When it comes to the Royal Family, broadcasters have become “supine,” “inquisitive,” and “compliant,” according to John Ryley.

Buckingham Palace, he alleged, imposed “extraordinary restrictions” on the use of film from the Coronation in May.

He claimed that the media was “afraid to call the monarchy’s power and authority into question.”

Mr Ryley, who left Sky News after 17 years in May, made the remarks during the interview.

‘The era of deference is ended.’

He urged journalists and producers to treat articles on the royals, who are publicly supported, with the same rigor they would any other topic.

“At the time, they do not. He described them as “too supine, too incurious, and too compliant.”

“Broadcasters must defend themselves and treat the Royal Family as any other public institution.”

“The Royal Family and their spin doctors, whatever fancy titles they have, need to understand that the age of editorial deference is well and truly over.”


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