News Update


GB News fired Laurence Fox and Calvin Robinson.

Last week, the former actor and political activist provoked outrage by asking what “self-respecting man” would “climb into bed” with Ava Evans.

Fox hosted a weekly show on the channel and made the remarks while contributing to Dan Wootton’s show.

Calvin Robinson, another anchor who was suspended after expressing sympathy for Fox and Wootton, has also been sacked.

More than 8,800 people protested to media regulator Ofcom about Fox’s remarks, prompting an investigation.

Laurence Fox was detained after threatening to harm an Ulez camera.
Laurence Fox, who is he?
Updates can be found at: GB News fired Fox and Robinson.
Fox apologized for the words he used and predicted his dismissal, which he said would expose GB News to “complete destruction” in a video released last Thursday.

“GB News had one opportunity and that opportunity was to stand up and defend free speech, which they haven’t done,” he stated.

“So I think now as they brand themselves the home of free speech, they’re actually the home of cancel culture.”


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