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Clare Nowland: Police ‘don’t intend’ to share video of a 95-year-old man being Tasered.

Police in Australia have stated that they would not share bodycam evidence of an officer Tasering an elderly woman with dementia.

Clare Nowland, 95, is in critical condition after an officer discharged a weapon on Wednesday at a care facility in Cooma, New South Wales (NSW).

Ms Nowland, according to police, approached them “at a slow pace” with a knife.

NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb said she was “not sure” why the film was being requested.

“I am not sure why they want to see it,” she said at a press conference.

“Body-worn video is subject to legislative requirements around the surveillance devices act and other things, so it’s not routine, and we don’t intend to release it, unless there is a process at the end of this that would allow it to be released.”

Ms Webb stated that she had not viewed the video but had heard audio from it. She stated that she does not “see it as necessary” for her to watch it.

The case has made international news and spurred an outcry over what advocates say was an excessive response.

Ms Webb stated that NSW Police has begun a critical incident investigation, which will “take some time.”

Officers were dispatched to Yallambee Lodge after reports that Ms Nowland was “armed with a knife.”

Before an officer shot the weapon, police claim they ordered Ms Nowland, who was helped by a walking frame, to drop the knife.

Andrew Thaler, a family friend, claimed Ms Nowland was struck twice in the chest and back before falling, suffering a broken skull and a significant brain bleed.

He informed BBC News that her family is already in mourning since they do not expect her to live.

“The family is stunned, perplexed… and the community is outraged.”

“How is this possible? How do you account for this degree of force? It’s ridiculous.”

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