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Dele Alli, an Everton midfielder, claims he was sexually assaulted when he was six.

Dele Alli, a midfielder for Everton, claims that when he was six years old, he suffered sexual molestation.

Dele recounted the violence he had as a child before being adopted at the age of 12 in an emotional conversation with former England footballer Gary Neville.

He said that he was “molested” at age six, that he began smoking at age seven, and that he began distributing narcotics at age eight.

Dele, 27, recently spent six weeks in treatment for mental health difficulties and a sleeping medication addiction.

Dele, one of the game’s most promising young players, helped Tottenham reach the Champions League final in 2019 and was a member of the England team that advanced to the 2018 World Cup semifinals.

His performance declined, though, and in February 2022 he left Spurs to sign with Everton. The next season, he spent time on loan with the Turkish team Besiktas.

Dele, who won his 37th and last England cap in 2019, was forced to return to Everton at the end of the previous campaign due to an injury.

He admitted to The Overlap, “I was in a poor place emotionally and I found out I needed an operation when I returned back from Turkey.

“I chose to seek treatment for my mental health at a contemporary rehab center. They address trauma, mental illness, and addiction.

“I thought the time was right for me. Nobody can force you to go there. It won’t work until you know and make the choice for yourself. I was


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