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Due to wildfire smoke, Prima Facie star Jodie Comer cancels her Broadway performance.

Actress Jodie Comer unexpectedly left the stage during a Broadway performance on Wednesday, complaining that the smoke from wildfires was making it difficult for her to breathe.

Prima Facie, Comer’s one-woman act, continued when her replacement took the stage to finish the matinee show.

Recently, New York City has been covered in smoke from Canadian wildfires.

Wednesday’s Hamilton performance and several sporting events were postponed because it was recommended that folks stay inside or wear N95 masks outside.

A spokesman for the production told The Hollywood Reporter that Jodie Comer had trouble breathing during today’s matinee of Prima Facie because of the bad air quality in New York City brought on by smoke from the Canadian wildfires. The performance was stopped around 10 minutes into the performance.

According to a witness who spoke to Deadline, Tessa’s Killing Eve star understudy Dani Arlington finished the roughly 100-minute performance to loud applause.

Due to wildfire smoke, millions are recommended to wear masks.
Jodie Comer receives plaudits from critics for her West End debut.
I can’t breathe this air, Comer cried out to a stage manager after around three minutes of her performance, the audience member told Deadline.

According to reports on social media and in Variety, Comer received assistance leaving the stage from a member of the production crew.

Some audience members had reportedly departed their seats by the time it was revealed that the actress would not take the stage again that afternoon, and many had asked for new tickets for a later performance or refunds.

We came to see Jodie Comer, one audience member tweeted. She kicked off the program. Air quality forced a stop. Wants us to see the understudy now. How do refunds work? Exchange? We traveled and spent a lot of money to see Jodie.

On April 5, 2023, Jodie Comer may be seen arriving to “Late Show With Stephen Colbert” in New York, New York.
Image caption: Following a recent appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Comer was seen in New York collecting autographs for fans.
Since the show’s premiere in April, Comer, who is from Liverpool in the UK, has gotten glowing reviews.

She portrays a lawyer in Prima Facie who defends those who are accused of sexual assault before coming under attack herself by a fellow attorney.

Comer’s portrayal in the play has received a lot of praise; she is up for best actress at this Sunday’s Tony Awards and has already won an Olivier.

Up to July 2nd, the British actor, who has also starred in The Last Duel and Free Guy, is scheduled to continue performing the part on Broadway.

Health advisories have been issued in several areas of Canada and the US northeast due to smoke from Canada, which has turned New York’s sky orange.

New York’s air quality was deemed “unhealthy” by the Environment Protection Agency, and residents were advised to limit outdoor activities.

The Vineyard Theatre postponed their production of This Land Was Made on Wednesday night as one of the other venues impacted.

“In the interest of prioritizing the health and safety of our audience members, performers, and staff,” the off-Broadway theater stated as their reason for the cancellation.

Canada has evacuated a few areas. The largest town in northern Quebec, Chibougamau, has lost about 7,500 residents, while Mistissini, a Cree settlement, has lost about 4,000.

The smoke was being funneled into the US, according to meteorologist Zach Taylor of the US National Weather Service.

He predicted that following rain this weekend and early next week, the air should start to clear up. He also added that further relief would come from putting out or controlling the fires.


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