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The US wants to hold China back in the electric car market.

This is because the government wants to encourage people to buy electric cars made in the United States.

The controversial rules are meant to help the American industry grow, but some people say they could make people less likely to buy electric cars.

At the moment, most electric car batteries and the materials used in them are made by Chinese companies.

US lawmakers, on the other hand, say that relying too much on Chinese manufacturers is bad for both the economy and national security.

Plans for big companies to work together, like Ford and CATL, a battery maker in China, have been criticized and debated.

A climate law that Congress passed last year gave billions of dollars in tax breaks and other money to try to boost the business in the US.

The law included a tax break for people who buy American-made electric cars of up to $7,500 per vehicle.

The climate law stopped electric cars made outside of the US from getting tax breaks right away. The White House says this has led to nearly $100bn in private investment in electric cars in the US.

Once the law went into effect in 2024, cars that have battery parts made or put together by a “foreign entity of concern” would not be eligible for tax credits.

By 2025, the rules will apply to cars that have important parts that were taken out, processed, or recycled by a certain group.


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