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Emma Raducanu admits that there are occasions when she regrets winning the US Open.

As she discussed her physical and psychological challenges after winning the US Open, Emma Raducanu remarked, “Sometimes I think to myself ‘I wish I’d never won the US Open’.”

The 20-year-old made history by being the first qualifier to win the Grand Slam and winning the 2021 US Open.

Since then, Raducanu has sustained a number of injuries, and following surgery on his wrist and hand, he is currently out of commission.

The mental aspect of it was quite challenging for her as well, she admitted. “I was struggling with the physical pain,” she said.

The British national further explained to The Times, “I always want to put forward the best version of myself, or strive for that, but I knew I couldn’t.”

Sebastian Sachs, Raducanu’s fifth coach in less than two years, and she parted ways in June.

She has only participated in 10 WTA Tour matches in 2023, winning only five of them, three of which were at Indian Wells.

I place a lot of value on my accomplishments, she admitted.

“If I lost a match, I would be quite depressed and would literally spend the day starring at the wall. I have such strong, deep feelings.


When Raducanu defeated Leylah Fernandez 6-4 6-3 in the championship match of the US Open in New York, she did so without dropping a set.

But since then, she hasn’t advanced past the second round of a Grand Slam, and her ranking has dropped from 10th in July 2022 to 128th.

After having minor surgeries on her hands and ankle, she will miss Wimbledon and the French Open this year.

I genuinely would trade any struggle in the world for that moment on the court, when I was celebrating [the US Open victory], stated Raducanu.

Regardless of what comes my way, I will accept it since what I have at the moment is the best thing in the entire world. On the court that day, I gave myself that vow.

“Since then, I’ve experienced a string of failures. It’s not easy, but I’m tenacious and have a great level of tolerance. I’ve said to myself on occasion, “I wish I’d never won the US Open, I wish that didn’t happen.”

Then, because it was entirely sincere, I said, “Remember that feeling, remember that promise.”

Raducanu, who signed several business contracts after winning the US Open, claimed that after becoming famous, she has “had to mature very quickly” because she was “extremely naive.”

The tour and all that goes along with it, she continued, “I’ve realized in the last two years, is that it’s not a very nice, trustworthy, or safe atmosphere.

There are many sharks out there, so you must be vigilant. I believe that some people in the business, particularly with me since I was 19 and am now 20 years old, view me as a piggy bank.

“Navigating has been challenging. I’ve experienced some burns. Keep your circle as small as you can, I’ve learned.


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