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Former San Antonio Spurs point guard Joshua Primo has been suspended by the NBA for ‘inappropriate behavior.’

According to an NBA inquiry, he participated in “inappropriate behavior” that was “detrimental to the league.”

In a statement, the NBA stated that “aside from these brief exposures, there was no evidence that he engaged in any sexual or other misconduct.”

“Primo maintains that his conduct was not intentional,” it continued.

“Nevertheless, this behaviour does not conform to league standards and warrants discipline.”

The 20-year-old has not played in the NBA since his Spurs contract was canceled in October 2022 due to reports that he repeatedly exposed himself to the team’s former sports psychologist.

She then filed a lawsuit against the Spurs and Primo, and the case was resolved out of court.

If Primo signs with another NBA team in the future, he will serve the suspension.


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