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Grooming cases are at an all-time high as online safety laws are delayed.

During the wait for revised internet safety rules, tens of thousands of online grooming crimes have been registered.

Campaigners are encouraging IT corporations and MPs to support the Online Safety Bill and to end the delays.

The bill, which tries to crack down on unauthorized content, has been delayed and amended several times.

According to the NPSCC, 34,000 internet grooming crimes have been reported by UK police departments since the charity first asked for stronger rules in 2017.

According to the proposed new guidelines, digital companies should have access to the content of private chats if there is a child safety risk.

Many popular apps include encrypted messaging services, which means that the message can only be viewed by the sender and recipient. The tech companies themselves are blind to it.

These privacy features, however, are open to everyone, and the platforms claim they provide further safety to victims of domestic abuse, journalists, and political activists, among others.

They also claim that incorporating a backdoor will make their services less secure for everyone.

Aoife, 22, of East Kilbride, was targeted on social media when she was 15 by an adult male posing as a teenager.

He persuaded her to use a separate, more secure chat program and send him graphic photographs of herself. He then threatened to post them on her social media accounts if she did not comply.


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