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Gary O’Neil claims Jon Moss conceded penalty error in Manchester United’s 1-0 win over Wolves.

Raphael Varane’s header gave the hosts a 1-0 victory at Old Trafford.

O’Neil was enraged when his squad was denied a late penalty after United goalkeeper Andre Onana collided with Sasa Kalajdzic and failed to make contact with the ball.

“Jon Moss said it was a blatant penalty and it should have been given – fair play to him, he apologised,” O’Neil remarked.

“I spent a lot of time with him today trying to understand the new rules and trying not to get booked in the first game, which I failed at.”

“But credit to Jon for coming out and saying it was a clear and obvious error – he couldn’t believe the on-field referee didn’t award it, and he couldn’t believe VAR

didn’t intervene.”

“Actually, it probably made me feel worse, because you know you’re right.” I feel more worse about going empty-handed. I was told live that they didn’t believe it was a clear and apparent error.”

Moss, who was named general manager of England’s elite referees under Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) in April, sought out O’Neil in between his broadcast and written media responsibilities.

PGMOL chief Howard Webb is also said to have called Wolves officials after the game to apologize for the error.

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On-field referee Simon Hooper did not penalize the incident, although VAR Michael Salisbury did.

Salisbury was removed from a game in April for failing to intervene to award a penalty to Brighton in a defeat to Tottenham while also working as the VAR.

Before the season began, former top referee Webb expressed his intention to raise standards and decrease high-profile mistakes.

‘Nothing happened,’ says the author.
Onana disagreed with O’Neil and Moss, claiming that the incident was simply a normal gathering of players.

When asked if it was a penalty, the Cameroonian international replied, “No, goalkeepers make decisions, sometimes you’re right, sometimes you’re wrong.”

“I made a choice, and I am accountable for everything.” It was contact between two large males for me, and nothing happened. But the most important thing for us was to win, and I am glad we did.

“Of course, I was confident [that no penalty would be imposed].”

When asked if he was concerned about Hooper heading to the monitor as he headed towards the side of the pitch, United manager Erik ten Hag remarked, “it can always happen.”

In fact, the referee was about to book O’Neil for his objection, in accordance with the season’s zero-tolerance policy for any managerial violence toward officials.

“Every Sunday last season, I spoke to Howard Webb about decisions that didn’t go our way,” ex-Bournemouth manager O’Neil stated. “I felt it was linked to the fact that we were from Bournemouth.”

“I don’t believe officials are favoring one side; I simply believe that if there is something you are unsure about, the Old Trafford crowd and the fact that it is Manchester United will have an impact on you, me, and everyone else.” However, VAR should be authorized to issue a penalty.”


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