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Heartstopper season two, according to Alice Oseman, “will be a little bit darker.”

Heartstopper’s second TV series will “be a little darker.”

The creator and illustrator of the hit graphic novel series of the same name also stated that the character Isaac would be featured more in series two.

“I’m really excited that there’s going to be asexual and aromantic representation with Isaac,” Oseman added.

The 28-year-old British writer identifies as aromantic and asexual.

“It’s so surreal, especially the (TV) scenes that are verbatim from the comics.” It’s incredible to see my imagination come to life.

“I was very committed to prose writing… I thought this would be a one-year project!”

We’re now seven years in, with two new novels in the works and the second season of the TV adaptation premiering on Netflix in early August.

Oseman adapted Heartstopper for television and serves as executive producer, with the first season receiving a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes.

“I just care so much about Heartstopper.” It was and continues to be my passion project. It’s very essential to me that it never gets twisted into something I despise, which is always a risk when authors adapt their books.

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“But I’m so fortunate to have had so much control.” “Writing it, being on set, being involved in all aspects of the show,” she explained.
The new series will follow Charlie (Joe Locke) and Nick (Kit Connor) as they deal with exams, a school trip to Paris, and a prom, while Elle (Yasmin Finney) and Tao (William Gao) try to figure out if they can be more than friends.

“Season two’s… aim was to capture the joy and magic of season one while also feeling like the characters have grown up and matured a little bit, so we’re exploring some things that are maybe a little darker than season one,” Oseman explained.

“The romances are getting a little bit more mature… it’s like an elevation, I like to think, of season one.”

When Oseman was 17, she wrote her first book, Solitaire, which was published when she was 19.

She stated that she did not include her age in any of the emails she wrote to possible literary agents, despite the fact that “a good agent would not see your age as being detrimental in any way.”

She’s had a lot on her plate since then, with the Heartstopper books, companion online comics, other novels, and the TV show.

Last year, Oseman had to take a break from updating the Heartstopper web comic owing to “burnout and intense stress.”

She told the audience at Hay that she is “a workaholic, but I try to make an effort to have downtime.”

She stated she listens to audiobooks to unwind but would not be reading fan fiction anytime soon.

“All authors should stay away from fan fiction,” she joked. “It’s dangerous waters.”

Her fandom includes not only teenagers but also older folks, some of whom are recalling prior events, particularly those who grew up queer or had doubts about their identity.

One woman in the audience claimed she was in school under Section 28 and didn’t come out as lesbian until she was in her late twenties because “I didn’t know it was a thing.” She thanked Oseman and expressed regret that her works were not available to her when she was younger.

“Obviously, the target audience for the books is teenagers, but it has really found an amazing audience of older readers, and that’s been wonderful to see,” Oseman said.

“It just goes to show that everyone wants to read about queer joy, for whatever reason.”

The Heartstopper series will finish at some time, and Oseman told the audience she already knows what it will be and when it will happen (“roughly when Nick leaves to go to uni.”)

But we don’t expect her creative juices to run dry anytime soon.

“Writing and drawing are my passions and the reason I get out of bed every morning.” It’s simply something I enjoy, and my stories keep me going. They seem to be my reason for being.”

Aromantic refers to people who do not normally experience romantic attraction, whereas asexual people do not experience sexual attraction to anyone.

Isaac (Tobie Donovan in the Netflix series) is a close buddy of the main character Charlie (Joe Locke). He was a new character created for the television show who did not exist in the books.

Oseman took the stage after long lines formed ahead of her appearance, with many adolescents clutching their books in the anticipation that she would sign them backstage.

She was one of the most anticipated literary stars to appear in Hay on Saturday, and she was overjoyed to find that there was even a Heartstopper ice cream available at the festival – strawberries and rhubarb, for those who are curious.

“I still can’t quite wrap my head around the journey and how much Heartstopper has blown up,” Oseman said to the audience.


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