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Indian man is detained after body parts are discovered in a Mumbai residence following the Mira Road murder.

An inquiry into a woman’s suspected three-year live-in partner’s murder has been launched by police in Mumbai, India.

They claim that on Wednesday, Saraswati Vaidya, 32,’s body was discovered in her apartment in the Mira Road neighborhood.

Manoj Sane, her partner, has been detained by police on suspicion of murder. According to them, he “brutally killed” Vaidya and dismembered the body.

Sane is being held in detention and hasn’t spoken to the media yet.

This story contains information that some people may find upsetting.

Following complaints from some building occupants about “a foul smell” coming from the residence on Wednesday evening, police claim they arrived at Mr. Sane’s flat.

They discovered Vaidya’s dismembered body, which had been sliced into several pieces, inside the flat.

“We are looking into the murderer’s motivation and method of execution. According to Deputy Commissioner of Police Jayant Bajbale, “We think he sliced the woman’s body into parts to make it easier for him to dispose of them off.

India is engulfed in a horrific “fridge murder.”
Five charts show an increase in crimes against Indian women.
Police have collected samples for a forensic examination and believe the murder occurred two to three days ago.

We are committed to bringing Vaidya’s case to justice because we feel the situation to be extremely disturbing, Mr. Bajbale told reporters.

India is paying attention to the murder primarily because it occurred barely seven months after Aftab Poonawala, another guy, was detained on suspicion of killing his live-in girlfriend in a similar way.

Police claim that Mr. Poonawala, 28, killed Shraddha Walkar, 27, in May, dismembered her body into dozens of pieces, kept them in his refrigerator, and then dumped them about the city.

Because of the spectacular claims made by the police, the “fridge murder” case grabbed news in India for weeks.


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