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Just Stop Oil protesters stop play at the All England Club in 2023.

Two protesters from Just Stop Oil stopped play on Court 18 at Wimbledon by throwing orange confetti and puzzle pieces at the players.

The All England Club said that they had been arrested for delaying the match between Grigor Dimitrov and Sho Shimabukuro.

The environmental group Just Stop Oil wants the government to stop all new oil, gas, and coal projects.

It has gone after different sports events, like an Ashes Test.

Its fans also caused trouble at the World Snooker Championship and the Rugby Union Premiership final.

The All England Club (AELTC) said in a statement, “Following an incident on Court 18, two people were arrested on suspicion of aggravated trespass and criminal damage. These people have now been removed from the grounds.”

A man and a woman ran onto the court and threw confetti and puzzle parts from a Wimbledon “Centre Court View” puzzle box onto the grass.

Just Stop Oil said in a statement that its supporters had thrown “environmentally friendly orange confetti, glitter, and jigsaw pieces,” and that “play was briefly stopped while marshals picked up the pieces.”


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