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Katie Taylor: Irish lightweight to continue fighting after Cameron rematch

Katie Taylor has stated that she has no plans to retire and is looking forward to a rematch with Chantelle Cameron.

Cameron handed the 36-year-old Irish fighter his first professional defeat last weekend in Dublin.

“I don’t even know what retirement means – I definitely don’t feel like it’s time for me to retire,” Taylor said to RTE.

“The rematch with Chantelle Cameron is the only fight that matters right now.” We’re thinking about November.”

Taylor suffered her first defeat since the 2016 Rio Olympics, and her first in 22 professional fights, when Cameron of England won a majority decision to maintain the undisputed light-welterweight title.

“It [retirement] will happen one day, but for now, my focus is on securing a rematch with Chantelle,” Taylor continued.

“I take it fight by fight and year by year, but I’m not going to end my career like that right now.” I’m looking forward to getting back in there and performing. This is my passion, and I am grateful to be able to do it every day.

“I haven’t reflected on the fight yet.” I believe the right person prevailed. I have to accept the loss and move on. I’m really excited to return to America and begin training for the rematch.

“There are definitely a lot of things I would do differently.” That is part of the grieving process. You must learn from it. Failures and disappointments always teach you more [than successes]. During certain times, that is where the growth takes place.

“I’ll take what I can from this.” I didn’t recognize myself in there. I felt quite fatigued right away. I’ll just have to start all over again.”

Taylor’s fight was a long-awaited homecoming in Dublin, and a rematch with Cameron is likely to take place in the city again.

Taylor’s other options include a rematch with Amanda Serrano, but her main focus is on another bout with Cameron.

“Bringing another major event back to Ireland would be extremely special.” Hopefully, it will be possible. I’m quite enthused about the prospect. I’m optimistic about the future and believe I’ll be able to correct this. I have a chance at vengeance, and it would be very, very sweet.

“Obviously, the defeat has been a very, very disappointing week.” I’ve been in a scenario like this before. I know I can recover from it.

“Life is full of ups and downs.” Setbacks strengthen you. I’m committed to come back stronger and look forward to the rematch, if it comes, please God.

“I’m just looking forward to the next step.” It’s not what I wanted [a defeat], but I’ll be fine, and I’m simply determined to win again.”


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