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Luis Rubiales is suing the Spanish government for a kiss at the Women’s World Cup.

He said nothing when he entered the national court to face sexual assault and coercion charges.

Mr Rubiales, 46, maintains he had the footballer’s permission as she celebrated Spain’s Women’s World Cup victory.

The court will decide whether or not to have a trial.

State prosecutors in Spain have formally filed a criminal case against the former president of the football federation (RFEF), which Judge Francisco de Jorge will hear.

Spain won the Women’s World Cup in Australia on August 20, but the achievement has been overshadowed ever since by Mr Rubiales’ conduct during the post-game festivities.

He has maintained that the kiss he gave her on the lips was mutual and consenting. Mr Rubiales resigned as president of the federation on Sunday, claiming, “I have faith in the truth, and I will do everything in my power to ensure that it prevails.”

Hermoso, 33, claims the kiss was not mutual. Prosecutors filed an original accusation of sexual assault and an additional one of coercion, claiming that he exerted pressure on the Spain forward to come to his defense in the days following the kiss.

Following an infamous gang-rape case in 2016, in which five men were exonerated of rape, Spain’s left-wing government revised consent rules in the last two years.

Mr Rubiales could face a fine or even jail time under the so-called “Only Yes is Yes” statute if the case goes to trial and he is found guilty of sexual assault.

After reviewing a series of videos from before, during, and after the ceremony, the court will decide whether the case proceeds to trial.

He has requested to observe the kiss “from all angles.”

The judge has also requested video of the squad’s celebrations in the locker room and on the team van as it left Sydney’s stadium.


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