News Update


Man opens fire inside Chisinau airport, killing two people.

According to authorities, the gunman was wounded and captured.

According to the interior ministry, the incident occurred after a foreign person was denied admission into the nation.

The interior ministry stated, “Authorities confirm two victims.” According to President Maia Sandu, the two people killed were a border guard and an airport security worker.

According to unconfirmed accounts, the suspect was a Russian national who took hostages and barricaded himself in a room. Videos from the situation showed travelers on the grass outside the airport as it was evacuated.

Flights into and out of the country’s major airport, Chisinau, have been suspended.

Moldova has been on high alert for months after President Sandu accused Russia of attempting to use foreign “saboteurs” to destabilize her pro-EU government.

Moldova, which has a population of 2.6 million people, applied for EU membership last summer.

It has been highly exposed to the conflict in neighboring Ukraine and is at odds with its pro-Moscow breakaway territory of Transnistria, where some 1,500 Russian forces are stationed.


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