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McDonald’s announces a trial of CosMcs in the US and international growth

It will start as a test this month in a part of Chicago. By the end of 2024, it will be in about 10 places.

The fast-food chain also wants to open about 10,000 McDonald’s stores around the world by 2027, with a lot of them in China.

The new shop would have about 50,000 square feet of space.

Coming up this week, the first CosMc’s will open in Bolingbrook, Illinois. In 2024, about 10 more will open in Texas.

It will have a menu that seems to be geared toward people with a huge sweet tooth, with drinks like Churro Frappe (churros are a type of Spanish doughnut) and S’Mores Cold Brew (s’mores are cookies, chocolate, and marshmallows).

McDonald’s classics like Egg McMuffins will also be on the menu, but in smaller amounts.

It already has a chain of coffee shops and snack shops called McCafe that only sells sweets and coffee.


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