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New golf ball rules: The R&A and USGA have decided to limit the distance the ball can fly in the air.

All players will be affected, although experts anticipate that recreational golfers, who are unable to generate the high swing speeds of professionals, will lose less than five yards on their longest strokes.

During the lengthy consultation process preceding this declaration, there was pushback from golf manufacturers and key tours. Previous proposals, according to one company, were “a solution seeking a problem.”

However, the game’s designers feel that the game must take action to limit hitting distances.

“This is a trend we need to take very seriously,” R&A CEO Martin Slumbers told BBC Sport.

“Golf courses are getting longer, and we need to take responsibility for protecting their integrity, the balance of skills and technology, and how the game is played.”

“However, the sport must also accept responsibility and be aware of its environmental and sustainability implications.” Making golf courses longer and longer, we run out of land, which is not environmentally responsible.”


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