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PSNI data breach: Dissident republicans get access to NI police information

The information comprises the surname and first initial of 10,000 PSNI employees.

It also provides their position or grade, location, and unit in which they operate.

According to Simon Byrne, the material might be used to “intimidate or target officers and staff”.

“We are working around the clock to assess and mitigate this risk,” he explained.

Northern Ireland Police Service motorbike cop speeds through Belfast IMAGE SOURCE,ALAMY
He said that dissident republican paramilitaries may exploit the list of names to instill “fear and uncertainty” in the populace.

What information was made public?
Names of persons working in sensitive sectors including as surveillance and intelligence were leaked in what Mr Byrne previously described as a “industrial scale” hack.

The terrorist danger level in Northern Ireland was elevated from considerable to severe in March, indicating that an assault is extremely likely.

Northern Ireland police have been targeted by republican paramilitaries, with the most recent incident being in February.

Officers must be extra alert in terms of security due to the threat.

Many people, particularly those from nationalist communities, keep their work hidden from family members and friends.

However, Mr Byrne stated that, contrary to certain stories, there was no indication of officers and workers leaving the organization, and he praised the “resilience” of staff.

Mr. Byrne stated that the police is being “strongly supported” in dealing with the “unprecedented” situation by a variety of cyber professionals.

He stated that the PSNI was still in contact with the UK government.

Why are police in Northern Ireland still targets of Irish dissident republicans?
He emphasized that the safety and well-being of officers and personnel were his top priorities, and an online portal was established to address any staff issues.

He stated that at the start of Monday, the PSNI “hadn’t caught up with” 45 members of staff to address the breach, but that things were going swiftly.

The police head stated that communication and face-to-face meetings were still being planned, and that the details of retired colleagues were not included in the breach.


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