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Russia damages a hospital in the latest missile attack on Ukraine.

According to Ukrainian officials, at least two persons were killed and more than 30 were injured in a Russian missile strike on a medical center in the eastern Ukrainian city of Dnipro.

According to regional head Serhiy Lysak, two youngsters aged three and six were also injured.

The attack was regarded as a “pure atrocity” by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Russian airstrikes on Ukraine have increased in recent weeks, in anticipation of a Ukrainian counteroffensive.


Mr Zelensky shared a video of the destroyed clinic, which showed firefighters on the site and smoke billowing from the structure.

“Russian terrorists confirm their status as fighters against all that is humane and honest,” he stated.

Earlier, Mr. Lysak stated that the region was subjected to a “massive attack…with missiles and drones” on Thursday night.

“It had been a very difficult night.” “It was very loud,” he remarked. “Dnipro has suffered.”

Firefighters were hacking down trees to get a mounted hose closer to the flames that had enveloped the three-story building.

Meanwhile, rescue workers were hunting for two missing people among the ruins.

Ukraine says it knocked down 17 missiles and 31 drones launched from Russia overnight.

Several drones and missiles struck sites in Dnipro and Kharkiv, including an oil facility.

Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, was also attacked, with officials reporting that shards of intercepted drones fell on the roof of a shopping center, causing damage to a house and numerous automobiles.

On Friday morning in Russia, a blast destroyed a residential and office building in the southern city of Krasnodar.

Veniamin Kondratyev, the region’s governor, stated it was caused by two Ukrainian drones: “There is some damage to buildings, but critical infrastructure was not damaged.” And, most significantly, no one was hurt.”

Overnight, Russia’s Belgorod area, which was the site of an unprecedented incursion from Ukrainian territory earlier this week, was also hit. According to its governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov, the village of Kozinka was struck more than 130 times.

According to Mr Gladkov, one woman was harmed. He claimed that the Grayvoron district, where the intrusion occurred, was subject to the most severe attacks.


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