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Spanish players will continue to boycott the women’s national team until the FA makes more reforms.

The federation’s president, Luis Rubiales, kissed forward Jenni Hermoso after the final, overshadowing last month’s victory.

Rubiales finally resigned as a result of the fallout.

However, 39 Spanish women’s soccer players believe that more has to be done.

“The changes that have occurred are not enough for the players to feel in a safe place, where women are respected, where there is a commitment to women’s football, and where we can give our maximum performance,” said a statement from the players, who included 21 of Spain’s World Cup-winning squad.

“The Spanish team’s players are professionals, and what gives us the most pride is wearing our team’s jersey and always leading our country to the highest positions.”

“As a result, we believe it is time to fight to demonstrate that these situations and practices have no place in our football or in our society, and that the current structure requires modification.”

“We do it so that future generations can have the level playing field that we all deserve.”

According to the statement, the players want:

The Spanish Football Federation is being restructured.
The provisional president has resigned.
Women’s football has a new organization, a new general secretary, and a new presidency cabinet.
A new media division
New perspectives on the department of integrity
Claudia Zornoza, a member of Spain’s World Cup squad, did not sign the current declaration since she had resigned from international football before this summer’s competition in Australia and New Zealand.

Spain’s head coach, Jorge Vilda, was also fired last week, despite being a strong buddy of Rubiales.


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