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Tottenham striker Richarlison says he plans to “seek psychological help.”

Richarlison, a striker for Tottenham, has stated that he will “seek psychological help” after the international break when he returns to England.

Richarlison was seen sobbing after being replaced in Saturday’s 5-1 victory over Bolivia for Brazil.

To “get the things that were happening off the pitch out of my system,” he attributed the reaction.

Richarlison joined Spurs last summer for £60 million from Everton, but he has only scored four goals in 40 outings.

He told the Brazilian publication O Globo, “I went through a turbulent time off the pitch during these past five months.”

“Right now, things at home are a little more steady. My relationships with those who were solely interested in my money have ended.

“Things are moving forward now, and I’m confident that I’ll have a successful tenure at Tottenham and make things happen once more.

“I’m going back to England to get psychological assistance from a psychotherapist in order to fortify my mind. To bounce back stronger is what it’s all about.

Richarlison squandered a fantastic opportunity against Bolivia at home before being replaced in the 71st minute. He was also replaced 64 minutes into Tuesday’s 1-0 victory over Peru in Lima.

According to O Globo, Richarlison and longtime agent Renato Velasco have parted ways.

Richarlison clarified, “That moment of grief wasn’t about playing poorly.

“I didn’t play a horrible match in Belem, in my opinion. It was more about me clearing my head of the things going on off the field that had gotten out of control due to individuals close to me rather than anything I had done.

On October 13 against Venezuela and on October 18 against Uruguay, Brazil will compete in World Cup qualifying.

On Saturday, Tottenham, now second in the Premier League, will face Sheffield United.

Richarlison stated, “I think I will be part of the next (Brazil) line-up; that’s what I’m striving towards.

The goal is to have a successful run at Tottenham. I’m going to talk to them while I’m seated. I need to start going well, get into the game, and settle in.


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