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Women’s Nations League: England’s historic but sad 2023 summed up in one amazing night

A few minutes later, the experienced right back was on the ground in Glasgow with his head in his hands as news spread of the Netherlands’ important fourth goal against Belgium.

It was heartbreaking that the Lionesses had not done enough to make it to the final four, even though they beat their neighbors 6-0 on their own field.

In the long run, this means that Team GB will not be playing at the 2020 Olympics in Paris. The Nations League was also a qualifying tournament, and England, as Britain’s representative, needed to win Group A1 in order to have a chance.

Team GB has played football in two Olympics before, in 2012 in London and again in Tokyo. This is the first time they won’t have a women’s football team at an Olympics.

Each and every great player wants to be a part of the Olympics, which is another huge event. Jen Beattie, a defender for Arsenal, told BBC One, “In the women’s game, it’s a huge deal. It’s not fair for men.”

“These England players would have wanted to be there to represent Team GB, and you can see the huge disappointment on the faces of the team after hearing that final result.”

England is “devastated” after missing the Nations League finals, says Mead.
Who has made it to the finals of the Women’s Nations League?
It wasn’t clear what would happen to England until the very last second of the game. They knew they had to beat Scotland and hope that either the Netherlands didn’t beat Belgium at home or that they beat Scotland by three goals more than the Dutch did.


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