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TV host Rachel Riley claims she’ll stop supporting Manchester United if the forward stays, according to Mason Greenwood.

According to television host Rachel Riley, if forward Mason Greenwood stays at the team, she will stop supporting Manchester United.

According to United, his future is still the “subject of intensive internal deliberation” and no decision has been made concerning it.

The criminal accusations against Forward Greenwood, 21, including the attempted rape and assault, were denied by him.

On February 2, the Crown Prosecution Service dropped all charges.

If Greenwood stays at the club, I won’t be able to support United, she declared on Thursday.

Co-host Riley of Countdown remarked on social media: “We’ve all seen and heard enough. Part of the issue would be pretending that everything is fine.

“For my club to support a culture that sweeps this under the rug would be disastrous. I sincerely hope they act morally.

Prior to Monday’s Premier League season opener against Wolves, United was supposed to make a statement regarding Greenwood, but it was postponed.

United said that the “fact-finding phase” of their inquiry was finished in a statement on Wednesday.

They said that a choice on Greenwood’s future, which “ultimately rests” with CEO Richard Arnold, was nearing completion.

Thought to be United’s direction of travel was for Greenwood to return in some capacity, but among other things, the ferocity of debate around his future has caused them to hesitate.

United claimed to have spoken to “a large number of people with direct involvement or knowledge of the case” and obtained “extensive evidence and context not in the public domain.”

Before the Wolves game, there were protests outside Old Trafford against Greenwood’s prospective comeback, and a group of female United fans demanded that the team “demonstrate a zero tolerance approach” to violence against women.

In a lengthy statement, Female Fans Against Greenwood’s Return claimed that Greenwood’s reintegration “tells us, as women, that we don’t matter.”

In reaction to the anticipated protest, BBC Sport contacted Greenwood’s attorneys, but they chose not to respond.

Since his arrest in January 2022, Greenwood has been unable to be chosen and has not participated in the club’s Carrington training facility.


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