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Ukrainian athletes will boycott the World Judo Championships due to Russian participation concerns.

Ukrainian athletes will boycott the World Judo Championships in Qatar later this month due to worries over Russian and Belarussian participation.

The International Judo Federation voted to let Russian and Belarussian athletes to compete as neutrals.

The decision will allow judokas from those countries to compete in Olympic qualifying for the 2024 Games.

“We have decided not to participate in the World Championships,” announced the Ukrainian Judo Federation on Monday.

The International Olympic Committee suggested last month that Russian and Belarussian athletes play under a neutral flag, but it has yet to make a decision on Paris 2024.

Athletes and support employees who actively support the war in Ukraine or are hired to the military should also be barred from competing, according to the IOC.

The UJF, on the other hand, said that a number of Russian judoka enrolled for the World Judo Championships, which will be held between May 7 and 14, are “active servicemen.”

“We do not see here neutrality, equal conditions, or a ‘bridge to peace,’ as stated in the IJF Resolution on Russian and Belarusian teams’ participation in the World Championships in Doha,” the UJF said.

“We see here a decision that contradicts the most recent International Olympic Committee recommendations.”


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