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Wegovy: Weight-loss pharmaceutical company becomes Europe’s most valuable

Shares increased after Novo Nordisk, a Danish pharmaceutical firm, debuted the popular medicine in the United Kingdom.

At the closing of trade on Monday, the company’s stock market capitalization was $428 billion (£339 billion).

The medicine is now available in both the UK’s public and private healthcare systems.

Wegovy is a once-week obesity treatment that mislead patients into thinking they are already full, causing them to eat less and lose weight.

Famous people like Elon Musk have been rumoured to utilize the medication, which has fascinated Hollywood and the general public since it was legalized by US regulators in 2021.

Wegovy and Ozempic, two diabetes treatments with identical benefits, have been dubbed “miracle” medications.

However, doctors warn that the vaccines are neither a quick remedy nor a replacement for a good diet and exercise.

In clinical trials, individuals frequently regained weight after discontinuing medication.

Due to a global shortage of the vaccines, only a limited supply arrived for the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

The corporation stated that it would continue to restrict worldwide supplies while ramping up manufacturing.

According to NHS rules, people in the United Kingdom can only have Wegovy, which contains the medication semaglutide, if they are substantially overweight and have weight-related health concerns.

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), approximately one in every three persons in the United Kingdom is obese, the highest rate in Europe.

A recent research published last month found that Wegovy reduces the chance of having a stroke or heart attack.

While the data are still being analyzed, experts agreed that they were potentially noteworthy.


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