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Are England’s Jude Bellingham and Harry Kane currently the two best players in the world?

The same Saturday afternoon, Jude Bellingham scored a thrilling goal in the 92nd minute for Real Madrid in his debut El Clasico, while forward Harry Kane scored from the halfway line for Bayern Munich.

Bellingham, a 20-year-old midfielder for England, appears to be contributing to the La Liga leaders’ score each week.

In his ninth Bundesliga game, his country’s captain, Kane, has scored a second hat-trick.

Is there another player in world football who has started the season better than Kane and Bellingham, given that both players are dominating their leagues?

Magnificent Bellingham Real’s latest spaceman
Jude Bellingham is happy.
Absent Bellingham’s objectives Real Madrid would trail Bellingham by four points in the Champions League and ten points in La Liga.


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