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Burger King India follows in the footsteps of McDonald’s by removing tomatoes from its menu.

Burger King says it has eliminated tomatoes from its menu in Indian locations due to pricing increases.

The fast food company stated that the decision was made due to “unpredictable conditions on the quality and supply of tomato crops.”

After McDonald’s, the burger restaurant is the second in the country to remove the item from its menu.

According to experts, crop damage caused by harsh weather has resulted in a market scarcity.

Earlier this week, the US sandwich chain Subway withdrew tomatoes off their menus as India’s food inflation reached its highest level since January 2020, according to Reuters.

For years, it even canceled the complementary cheese pieces that the eatery gave with the sandwich.

Essentials prices have risen in recent months in India, with the tomato reaching a high of 250 rupees ($3; £2.37) per kilo in July as monsoon rains affected agricultural and supply networks.

Why did McDonald’s remove tomatoes from Indian menus?
Tomato prices have now fallen, but India began importing them from neighboring Nepal early this month to deal with the supply crisis.

In the capital Delhi and the northern provinces of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, these are offered for 50 rupees per kilo.

Burger King created a new section to their official website in India on Wednesday called “Why are there no tomatoes in my burgers?”

The restaurant business stated that its Indian franchisee adhered to “very high standards of quality” and that tomatoes will be back on the menu soon.

“Until then, we ask for your patience and understanding,” it stated.

McDonald’s also removed tomatoes from the majority of its shops in northern and eastern India last month.

The fast-food corporation ascribed the decision to quality concerns rather than price increases.


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