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Chelsea ‘took advantage’ of not being in Europe this week, according to manager Mauricio Pochettino.

After finishing 12th in the Premier League previous season, the Blues failed to qualify for Europe for only the second time in 26 years.

They have only won one of their first five games this season and currently sit in 14th place.

“The circumstances have given us time to work, and we’ve had a really good week,” Pochettino explained.

“Recovering players from the international break has been beneficial.”

“It’s a difficult time for the fans because they’re used to being in Europe, but we have to take advantage of the situation.”

Pochettino claimed fans were free to voice their displeasure when some jeered the team following their goalless draw at Bournemouth last weekend, but he did not share their angst since he is pleased with the club’s underlying performances.

“I believe the supporters will rally behind us. When you don’t win, it’s natural for them to be sad and express their sentiments. “They won’t be happy with a draw at Bournemouth,” the former Tottenham manager predicted.

“Fans always want to win, and I’m confident they’ll back us up.” The players require their assistance.

“I am not frustrated because I believe the team is performing well despite the absence of many key players.” I’m dissatisfied because I believe many teams with less players score more. That is why we are upset. The players are entitled to more.”


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