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Diplomats and foreign nationals evacuated from Sudan due to conflict

As severe combat in Khartoum continues, a growing number of countries have evacuated embassies and nationals.

The United States and the United Kingdom declared on Sunday that they had flown diplomats out of the nation.

Diplomats and other nationals have also been evacuated from France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

For more than a week, Sudan has been racked by violence as a result of a brutal power struggle between the regular army and a formidable paramilitary organization.

On Sunday morning, US authorities said they transported less than 100 individuals using three Chinook helicopters in a “fast and clean” operation.

The US embassy in Khartoum is currently shuttered, and according to a tweet on its official account, it is not safe for the government to remove private US individuals.

In what was termed as a “complex and rapid” operation, the UK government airlifted British ambassadors and their families out of the country. Foreign Minister James Cleverly stated that prospects for evacuating the remaining British nationals in Sudan were “extremely limited.”

On Sunday, several more countries were conducting evacuation operations:

French President Emmanuel Macron stated that a plane carrying French nationals and others arrived in Djibouti on Sunday, while another evacuation took place on Monday, bringing the total number of individuals evacuated to 388, according to the government.
A few Dutch citizens flew out of Khartoum on a French plane, while another with Dutch passengers took out early Monday morning.
The German army reported that the first of three planes had taken off from Sudan, destined for Jordan, with 101 passengers on board.
Citizens from Argentina, Colombia, Ireland, Portugal, Poland, Mexico, Venezuela, and Sudan were among those evacuated by Italy and Spain.


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