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Dublin Marathon: Kemal Husen of Ethiopia sets the course record, and Stephen Scullion finishes third.

Husen beat Othmane El Goumri’s 2019 record by one minute and fourteen seconds after reaching the halfway point in 1:02.56.

Geofrey Kusuro of Uganda came in second in 2:10.45, while Scullion recorded a time of 2:11.51.

Ann-Marie McGlynn won the national women’s championship, while Scullion won the concurrently held Irish Championship.

Amente Negash of Ethiopia won the overall women’s race in a time that was a personal best of 2:26.22, 42 seconds ahead of Joan Kipyatich of Kenya, and Genet Abdurkadir, another Ethiopian, finished third, 45 seconds behind.

Kenya’s Peninah Jerop finished fourth in 2:29.06, while McGlynn, 43, from Strabane, delighted in her fifth place finish as she won the Irish national marathon for the first time with a time of 2:34.13. McGlynn set her personal best in 2:29.34 in 2021.



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